Snowy walk to clear our heads

We have all been sick with a nasty cold since just before christmas, it hit us like dominos, one after another… it has been a long process and a lot of kleenex. This was our second Christmas that Weston was sick, he still had such a great time, but it was unfortunate timing. We are finally starting to get back outside some more, it seemed that any time Weston would get running it would cause a coughing fit, so we finally got out to enjoy a crisp cool walk in the bog which is right by our home. We typically walk thru the bog anywhere from one to four times a week. Its the perfect length for us and the kids, and is very peaceful and quiet. Recently with all this snow and sickness Weston got to watch Disney’s Frozen, so the first time it snowed he didn’t want to go in the bog because he was worried for the “snow monster” poor kid, we reassured him that he was safe with mom and dad and no snow monsters would be getting us. I never would have thought that he would conclude that from having a snow fall and watching that movie, but to a two and half year old it makes perfect sense!! Here are a few photos we took today while enjoying our morning walk together. I love our family time together, glad we had a solid three days this week in a row, its all I ever need.

so excited to find ferns in the bog, because dinosaurs eat them of course.
cute little boots


fell asleep just before getting back home
this boy can JUMP !
daddy and wes checking out the view way up


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