Weston’s First Day of Preschool

Today my Sweet, wild, carefree two & a half year old attended his first day of preschool. The best part was that I got to stay the whole time and had undivided attention just for Weston. Levi got to stay home with daddy and that went well too… which is a huge relief because that little six mother is a mama suck!!  Weston’s excitement was infectious from free play, to circle time, and outside play, it was incredibly cute!! Considering he is the youngest in the class and doesn’t turn three until May and all the other children have been attending since september, I think he did quite well, and I am happy with our decision to place him into preschool early. The preschool is parent participation, which I love, because parents get to do hands on activities with their children and see how the teacher interacts with each of them as well as seeing their development and personality unfold around their peers. He particularity enjoyed outside time which didn’t surprise me since he loves open spaces and to run. I think he tried every activity because there was so much to do, upon waking up from his nap he asked to go back there, and that melted my heart. I am still amazed that he is on his way to being a three year old, and that he is making new friends and learning so much and oh so quickly!!  I think this transition will really hit me when I’m not there at the class with him every time he goes, but I will have those duty days to look forward to. My mamma heart felt very very proud today.

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