Six months of Levi

Even before you become a parent, anyone who has had children tells you over and over again how fast time flies, before you know it your a parent of two beautiful children and all you want to do is freeze time (minus during those tantrums… is there a fast forward button??) and at each and every milestone I think to my self this is the best stage ever, this one right here, and then the boys learn something new and I think again no this is the best stage right here, I guess the saying “the best is yet to come” is just it, it truly does keep getting better and better and in many ways easier. Here I sit with a six month old cutie who has mastered sitting up and crawling backwards and really its only a matter of hours before he figures out he can put his arms forward and then he will officially be crawling!!! He has brought our family so much joy, his smile, man his smile is really infectious, he truly can light up a room. I never want to forget his sweet newborn smell, his chubby thighs, the way he grabs my whole face when really he is grabbing my heart. I love when he laughs you can feel his whole chest vibrate and no sound is coming out. I never want to forget how he always looks for his brother and could watch him all day, and how when weston wakes up and the first thing he asks is “Where is Lebi mommy?” and no that’s not a typo thats exactly how he says his name. Its hard to think of these six months just slipping away like they have, and how much our family has grown in that time, I barely remember life with out our sweet Levi and I barely remember life before having children at all!!

And these next six months have some pretty exciting days ahead with preschool, hawaii and spring /summer just around the corner, I really can’t wait !! These first six months of having two children has been filled with more challenges, more coffee, more sleepless nights, more cuddles, more heart bursts,  more tears, more laundry, more laughs, more noise, more photos, more goals, but most importantly MORE love.

These pics of levi as a newborn melt my heart so much, gosh was he really that small?? 


Watching the boys become closer and closer has been such a joy, they can now enjoy bath time together, and weston is noticing Levi smile and wave at him. Levi is interacting more and more with us which has been fun for everyone! Weston isn’t wild about him grabbing his beloved dinosaurs but he quickly finds something else for Levi to play with.  I hope their bond continues to get stronger and stronger.


Both of their faces in this pic above just kill me, gosh I love them !!  ^^


Happy six months my sweet, cuddly mamas boy ! We love you so much sweetheart and we feel so lucky getting to watch you grow and learn right before our eyes.

P.S. as I write this post, i think for the first time Levi has actually put himself to sleep on his own in his crib… maybe this next six months is off to a more restful start?!!

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