Truck Painting & exploration

img_5585Im not sure about you other mamas, but currently I am running on no sleep and lots of coffee!! Therefore it can be really hard to get creative, and do arts and crafts at home because I really don’t want to add extra mess on top of doing laundry, dishes, diapers and doesn’t the list goes on and on??!!… sighhh. However I always feel better once we do something creative together!! Seeing the look in a child’s eyes when they are creating and given the chance to explore sometime new is so amazing to me! And lets be real who am I kidding?? arts and crafts are one of the BIGGEST things I miss about running my home daycare! I love watching children explore new crafts, and letting them run wild with creative energy. Weston has been really into trucks and cars lately, not as much as dinosaurs and animals but he still really likes them, so I thought incorporating them into a craft would be fun! Weston isn’t a fan of getting his hands dirty and immediately asks for a wipe, so I was really curious how this particular craft of truck painting would go. I love providing him with an unconventional way of doing a craft, it makes things way more fun and intresting. This time I selected some trucks and cars. I picked out the ones with the biggest wheels and tread on them knowing they would make the best tracks. so I rolled out a large sheet of paper onto the play table, taped it down and squirted some different colours of paint and away we went driving the play vehicles on the paper and thru the paint.


Weston was so cautious at first, but once he saw the tracks he was making he began to get very excited !!
His favourite appeared to be the mini excavator, gosh he is cute!
Weston was very eager to try every vehicle, commenting on which ones made big tracks and small tracks, and the best part was he wasn’t concerned about getting his hands even a little bit dirty!!
It didn’t take long before he started driving the paint up his arms, oh toddlers!! LOL 


He was really happy with the finished product, we extended the fun by taking all the vehicles to the car wash (our kitchen sink) where he gladly scrubbed each one !! This whole process probably took over an hour of our morning, which was nice to have him engaged in something for that long. It was a rainy cold day too, so it was nice to spend it in our Pyjamas at home. Maybe next time we will try dinosaurs and use them to make footprints!! I feel so lucky to be able to experience activities like this with my boys at home, It was also great because we were able to get some one on one time together because Levi was taking his morning nap, and that time together is special for both of us!!


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