Spread a little love, Valentines 2017

img_6102I know Valentines Day is a hallmark holiday, but the message of celebrating your loved ones and showing you care for them is so great, I mean we should all be doing it more than on just this one day.  I thought I would share a few shots from our valentines day this year. Getting to spend it with my little men makes it the best!! Levi is a crawling machine now and into everything, seeing him chase after his brother and follow us around is just the cutest! Weston is talking even more now and becoming quite the character, I love that he is started to get a sense of humour, its too funny!

I have always enjoyed decorating for the holidays, I have boxes upon boxes of decor I use all year, a lot I probably need to get rid of now that I am no longer running the daycare. Im pretty sure its my favourite hobby, if only I had a money tree in my back yard … ahh one can only dream ! img_6103

This banner is from target, I got it a few years ago when we had one close to us, I miss it desperately. I change up my mantel often for the seasons and holidays. Isn’t the wood so beautiful, my dad custom made it for us, and I think its perfect !! img_6090

weston was so excited about his valentines Day breakfast, which was great to see him excited about food for once !

img_6091peanut butter and raspberry jam  on a heart piece of toast- easy & cute!! img_6095

his excited face is probably my favourite thing he does right now !!img_6092

Can’t wait to put away the window clings, and then hope the window won’t be a play space and will stay cleaner for longer than day, wishful thinking i know!! LOL !

Wes took my toast to start out and then gave me his, oh toddler logic !! img_6218


The boys favourite valentines day book this year, lots of cute animals and real picturesimg_6117

our cuddly mornings, moments I always cherish ! img_6127

I patiently let weston decorate the sugar cookies we made for daddy, he had a blast ! but I think they turned out pretty cute, Aunty Michelle’s recipe is the best!!




Levi’s ” mom I’m coming to get you face!!” , its just the best !! its hard to believe he is 7 months already with two little teeth, wanting to eat everything he can !img_6147

…but this little 7 mother doesn’t crawl all that much he stands and is starting to furniture walk, he seems much to little to be doing this and most days I contemplate putting him in a helmet!! his brother was the same, I guess we make some strong boys


Weston was so excited to open up all his valentines from his preschool pals and of course the lollipop was the biggest hit !! clothes seem to be optional around the Choo household lately !! LOL!!

I think my most favourite thing about this valentines day was Weston’s card that he made for me at preschool, its the first thing he has ever made for me ( with out daddy prompting !) ! He isn’t all that interested in colouring or art, and the fact that his teacher said he wanted to give it to me!! wow that made for a heart melting moment ! Its the little heart bursts that keep us mammas going, isn’t itimg_6201? img_6202

levi is always curling those sweet little toes around, we joke they are his flippers, he is such a water baby!! I’m sure he is going to have a blast when we are in Hawaii, one week today.. I can’t wait !!

Happy Valentines day to our friends and family, we are so lucky to have so much love all around us !! hope you enjoy your Valentines with the ones you love most !

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