The Choo’s take on The Honolulu Zoo!

img_6270Aloha!! Our first few days on the Island of Oahu have really only consisted of going to the Honolulu Zoo! We thought we would have spent more time at the beach, but if you have evert stayed at Waikiki Beach before you know how crowded it is, and our hotel had an awesome wadding pool that both kids enjoyed playing in with a beautiful view of the shore.  Also seeing Weston’s face light up at the Zoo made it all worth it, and so much that we went back for a second round, because it really was that special!img_5660We walked there from our hotel, it was our sunniest day on the trip yet !!img_5494People who know Weston well would know that he is obsessed with animals, from dinosaurs to bugs, and Rhinos to african penguins, this kid is interested in them all! so for him seeing them up close was just the best experience ! The Honolulu Zoo was incredible! I loved how each enclosure had many different viewing points so almost always you could spot the animals. It can be frustrating for children to know there is an animal in there and they can’t see them, this was not a problem here. I especially loved the vegetation and tropical plants all around, the grounds were immaculate and so beautiful. The staff was friendly, the food was reasonable and there was absolutely no shortage of animals. On our second trip back the Zoo was much busier than the first, but because it is so spacious it wasn’t a problem. Weston was able to run around and interact with so many of his favourite creatures. We are now in Kauai and he is still asking at least once a day to go back and find the animals. img_5622img_5510

Any Wild Kratts fans out there? Weston asked to activate his gecko power so he could climb this tree!! img_6276There were many tiled murals around the property, Weston spent lots of time pointing them out to us ! His love for nature and animals is just the sweetest !img_5724you always need your binoculars when looking for animals in the Savanna img_5720img_5716This was probably our favourite enclosure, it was so open and such a great spot for the kids to see these majestic creatures in a natural setting! img_5580img_5592img_5575img_5725img_5727img_5726img_5634

The Love these two have for each other is the cutest, the quality time they are getting on this two week vacation has been the real highlight !img_5635We spent quite a bit of time at the playground and played in the field surrounding it which had wild roosters and peacocks running around, Weston loved to chase them, what a guy ! He is still convinced he will catch one, and I’m hoping he doesn’t prove us wrong! haha img_6308This is Rusti, we spent a good long chunk of time looking at him!  He is probably the neatest animal I have ever seen. He is an orangatuang weighing over 300 lbs, according to his care taker he prefers blonde and red headed women, and likes to eat his salad in sections. He stayed at the glass chomping away and making eye contact with us. Weston kept asking for us to go in there and pet him, and thought that Rusti would like to cuddle. While showing Weston this picture a few days after he said ” Rusti is sad mommy” I naturally said “why is he sad?” and he said back to me “he is looking for his family, I think he wants to come to our house” I said oh really?” then he proceeded to tell me that Rusti would like to see his room. Oh the mind of a two year old, I love the way he thinks! img_6430Im pretty sure we were in the goat enclosure for almost two hours, He absolutely loves getting to be hands on with the animals, and has absolutely no fear around them img_6436

“Latte” the goat above and “Bow” the goat below !


Mahalo – for following along!! There will be a video to follow soon!

xoxo The Choo Clan

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