The Waikiki Aquarium

I am so happy we made the decision to go to the Waikiki Aquarium, many people had told for us not to go because of the lack of sea animals and its small size, we went in with an optimistic additiude, and we were pleasantly surprised!! The Aquarium was the perfect morning out for the boys and was so great especially for toddlers. Weston was able to interact with the staff, hold a hermit crab, and have a perfect spot to witness the trainer work with the very social monk seal. We enjoyed a packed lunch together and were able to walk the aquarium two times thru, and we didn’t have to worry about missing anything!img_6316 Wes loved watching the monk seal, and would get very excited every time he would swim by us. The Trainer told us they tried to release the monk seal back into the ocean, but he was so social after being used to the aquarium that he would bother people and surfers on the beach, so they decided to bring him back to the aquarium, as it was safer for him and people around Waikiki beach, as he is such a social creature. img_6409img_6407

This was a real treat for weston!img_6381My three favourite men all in one pic, melts my heart!!!

img_6321img_6348The vegetation around Hawaii is just the best !!img_6349img_6328

Thinking about which hermit crab he wants to hold next.


He was so careful, and he would try and leave to look at something else and then come right back to touch tank, he sure loves anything hands on, my little explorer! img_6334img_6335

Touch tanks at the perfect height for toddlers, and amazing knowledgeable staff ! img_6338

Weston kept asking to move the hermit crab from the touch tank to the big tank, so the crab could be with his family, toddler logic is so cute!


“mommy these ones are hum-on-goose” img_6347img_6398

Their bond has grown so strong on this trip, and its beautiful to watch img_6403

Levi was watching the birds at lunch time, and the birds were enjoying his mum mum crackers. LOL img_6378Levi loves our fish tank at home, so we were excited to show him the large tanks, and he was completely mesmerized! He loved watching the jelly fish and the clown fish, especially in daddys arms !img_6383img_6386

naturally this picture above is Nemo and Marlin, LOL

I would highly recommend the Waikiki Aquarium to any family travelling to oahu that has young children, it was geared towards them, and is the perfect size, an affordable price and beautiful place for a picnic lunch.

Aloha, xoxo

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