The Dole Plantation

Hope this post finds you well, I am currently sitting here writing and its raining…yuck… oh I could jump right back on the plane and head back to Hawaii!! During our time in Oahu we rented a car for the day and drove up to the North Shore, one of our stops ended up being The Dole Plantation. The whole time we were at the Dole Plantation I kept thinking about how much my mom would love to be here with us looking at all the beautiful flowers, her and her green thrumb would have had a hay day!! The Dole Plantation wasn’t a big check mark on our list of things to do during our time in Oahu, but we were curous, and as we were driving to the north shore the kids were both upset ( one car sick and one not enjoying his carseat at all!!) so when we saw the Dole Plantation we pulled over right away!! I am so happy that we went, it was really really beautiful there, however I am still shocked that we didn’t come out wearing pineapple hats, socks and t-shirts LOL!!

img_6481img_5752Every direction you looked was perfectly manicured and beautiful!


“These ones are pointy mommy”img_5756img_5763

I don’t think he can get any cuter !! img_5766img_5771img_5775One child making a silly face at me and one crawling away, oh so typical !!img_5806

The BEST and most expensive pineapple dole whip ice cream, that I would gladly pay money for again!! It was insanely delicious!! img_6459This guy was plotting how to get in the pond the whole time, ah such a water baby!img_6460

Love these boys so much!! img_6463img_6465img_6466img_6468

Its so hard not to take pictures of all the beautiful flowers, all so perfect!! img_6471IMG_5766

looking for frogs in the pond and watching the tad poles swimming !img_6472img_6474

Do you see that cute little frog?? Weston was thrilled!! img_6476img_6480

I think my grandma came to see me there that day!img_6484img_6487

becoming a bit camera shy, too cute!

Thanks for following along, Aloha – The Choo’s!

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