Waimea Falls

So…Im still regretting our decision on coming home, LOL.. wouldn’t a permanent vacation be amazing?? Just the other day while walking in the bog by our house Weston asked to go back to the water slides in Hawaii and I agree we had the BEST time away,  really it was the quality family time we had for two full weeks just all four of us, and that is truly priceless (unless your canadian and in Hawaii then add 30%) When we rented the car in Honolulu and drove up to the North Shore we stopped off at Waimea Falls which is a huge botanical garden and walk, with many many beautiful plants.  At the end of the walk there was a gorgeous waterfall that you could swim to. The water was quite cold, and very refreshing. Weston found it too cold, and we didn’t attempt to bring Levi in as he couldn’t handle the hilton pool in the shade, LOL! Weston got to be pulled out on a boogy board -how fun! Doug and I took turns taking him out and enjoyed the beauty of it! I wish I wold have been able to snap more pictures but we had our hands full pushing the double stroller up hill and chasing Weston !! IMG_5843

Levi makes the funniest expressions and can be so animated, I just love it, and I love how much he reminds me of his daddy !! We had stopped about half way and had some fresh pineapple, perfect snack and enjoyed the much needed shade!IMG_6503

Weston’ hightlight was the wild peacocks running around everywhere !!


Hiding from dinosaur mommy !!IMG_5845IMG_6515IMG_6519IMG_6518

Even the dying leaves were beautiful!IMG_6509IMG_6521IMG_6527IMG_6539

I love how this picture makes it look like Weston is paddling out there all by him self, he found a stick that he was using as his ore! He is such a creative little guy 🙂 IMG_6564IMG_6567IMG_6573

wanting to go back in but mom and dad were too cold!! IMG_6574

So I may not be up for wife of the year award.. I forgot to pack Doug’s swim shorts in our bag.. but the good news is that many people don’t realize that you are allowed to swim at the waterfall so lots of people go in their underwear(the man handing out the life jackets suggested it )!! two cute bums non the less.. and Doug’s shorts are Hawaiian print- haha!IMG_6589

This guy right here is my rock, love him to bits! and I loved our time in Hawaii… ahh take me back !!

Mahalo friends xo


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