Melissa’s Farm, our happy place.

IMG_6477About a week ago we had the pleasure of gong down to Melissa’s Farm, its definitely one of Weston’s ( lets be real its mine too!) favourite outings! If you have followed along with us before you might recall the story about us discovering the “cow barn” and looking back I can’t believe how little weston was when we started visiting. His little demanding voice asking me to pull over at the sight of cows, then our second visit where we got to meet the owners and their AMAZING daughter Melissa, and then they graciously treated our son with so much love and attention. We are so thankful to them for allowing us to come back for multiple visits and giving our children that same affection over and over again.  IMG_6492

Two month old jersey, I wish they could stay this small and be house pets!! hahaIMG_6505

Weston is so comfortable here at their farm and he makes sure he does every single thing that he did on his first visit. He makes sure to check out every barn, go over the dogs names, find all the jersey cows, sit on a jersey cow, ride the small tractor and sit in the big tractor, and while doing so with the biggest smile on his face. IMG_6507

Seeing him this happy, just fills us up, he has so much love and interest for animals, and I love that we are able to foster that throughout his development!IMG_6509IMG_6618IMG_6620IMG_6487IMG_6627

“MOOOOOOO” gosh I love this boy & adore his love of cows !! IMG_6608IMG_6599IMG_6600

our little ray of sunshine, such a happy baby !!IMG_6597

Hard to decide which hungry mouth to feed, he has absolutely no fear around the cows,  I can’t say the feeling is mutual! LOL!IMG_6596IMG_6584IMG_6577IMG_6567

“Mommy Im on a Jersey cow”IMG_6552IMG_6553IMG_6550

These two apparently always cuddle together, are they not the sweetest?? IMG_6548

This barn has to be Westons favourite, Melissa lets him go into the stalls to pet the calves, he gets to ride the little tractor. Some of the calves in this barn are only a few days old, and they are incredibly sweet. On this last visit we learned that cows are born with teeth, but even with those teeth they suck on your hands so gently just like a new baby, its too fun. IMG_6542

Weston pointed out her spine, ears, wet nose, belly, spots, eyes, you name it he has it down!IMG_6536IMG_6530IMG_6517IMG_6514IMG_6510IMG_6579

little signs spring is near… but why is it this cold in April??? IMG_6581

while showing Weston this picture he said ” this cow has a bad hair day!” LOL


I think he spotted the Jersey Cow in this barn, still his favourite type of cow!!IMG_6591

Incredibly thankful for the time Melissa and her family have allowed us to spend with them, and the wonderful connection we now have. Thanks for following along. xo Bre

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