Weston Turns Three

Three!! Wow,  where do I even begin, I know everyone says it, and everyone warns you just how fast it goes… and then it does, bam Weston is three! No matter how much people tell you, no one can prepare you for the emotional roller coaster that it really is. Like it’s such a crazy feeling of disbelief that he is really three, yet at the same time I barely remember life without him. The pictures above are him trying to figure out how to hold up three fingers, they were taken in the morning on his actual birthday. He was so excited about his special day, and really understood that it was HIS day! Too cute. IMG_7413

I feel like he turned three, and woke up looking like a boy and not a toddler… and such a cute one I might add! With him turning three the potty talk has started big time and this new independence, he wants to do everything himself from getting into his car seat, pulling up his pants, holding his backpack, the list goes on and on. He also has been playing so well on his own at home and even will say “mommy don’t talk to me” (sounds kind of rude, I know) but he doesn’t want me to interrupt his dialog with all his animals, it is too cute! Getting to watch him play with his animals, and seeing him come up with names for each of them warms my heart. My favourite names that he has come up with right now are Billets the goat, Flipper the otter, Echo the Orca, and Chomps the shark. I also love how he talks about predators and prey, and what animals eat, where they live etc..his interest in animals just keeps expanding everyday. I love that I get to be home with him learning right along side him. The newest animal we have been learning about is an Aye Aye, its crazy… you should google it right now!! Seriously do it! I didn’t even know these existed, apparently only in Madagascar! I feel so lucky to have this smart, curious, inquisitive little boy to keep me on my toes, who is very quickly not looking so little anymore.


I love that he applies what he learns from books and TV right into nature all around us for instance in this picture above he was pretending to be an Aye Aye,  ok if you didn’t google it they are kind of like a lemur and they tap trees with their crazy long finger nail, then listen with their big ears and then much bugs out of the trees.


He is also obsessed with worms, dirt, ants you name it! IMG_7596

Exploring with him has easily become my favourite past time.He constantly wants to be chased by dinosaurs & wrestle like polar bears. He could play those sorts of games all day, I would defiantly say that quality time spent together is his love language. IMG_7607Of course Weston’s birthday came and went so fast just like everything else lately that I barely got photos of all his decorations and such from his party, we did a jungle theme, as he asked for an animal birthday party… all he really cared about was the cake! IMG_8333

Usually I throw large birthday party’s, with everyone we see and hang out with, but this year with Levi’s hand injury I decided to keep it mostly with family and a few close friends, We have all been thru a lot with Levi and I wanted Weston’s Party to be fun and not too overwhelming. We ended up hiring Mikes Critters to come to Weston’s Party! Wes was extremely excited to have all these animals come to our house and he helped me select each animal that he waned to come! He picked out a tortoise, a parrot, a ball python, scorpion and tarantula just to name a few. Mike was here for about an hour and Weston sat the entire time, he was so interested and eager to hold or pet each animal. A couple times he told me he was going to go play, but once I reminded him that if he leaves to play he won’t get to see the animals and that Mike would be going, he didn’t want to mis out so he gladly sat back down. Mike gave us so much information on each animal and interacted great with all the kids! I would highly recommend him !!IMG_8314IMG_8311

Mike shone a black light on this scorpion and this is the beautiful colour it showed, We learned a lot about all of these amazing and unique creatures. Also a side note Mike explained to us that he brings his black light with him to hotels, and checks for germs, he said he has been upgraded many times because he could prove the place wasn’t cleaned properly!! like I think thats a great idea… yet I don’t want to know at the same time! ahah IMG_8288

My brave boy holding the snake… like wow, no fear in him at all around animals. I showed him this photo and said “wow weston look at you holding the snake, your so brave” and he said “mommy its a ball python” – go figure being corrected by my now three year old, who knows way more about animals than me. IMG_8276IMG_8270

This little critter above is a Pygmy Hedgehog.. it was sooo incredibly sweet and small!IMG_8260

I don’t even think I could write a good enough caption, his face really says it all !! Everyone always tells me Weston is a spitting image of me, and mostly I think that is true but I do think in the picture above he looks so much like his daddy, love it !! IMG_8250


A few little homemade healthy snacks for the kiddos, thank you Pintrest and to our amazing babysitter Kayla who offered to help me and eagerly devoted her time and energy to put all these food critters together!!IMG_8236IMG_8235IMG_8310

He talks about this often, “mommy remember when there was a spider on my knee?”

I do remember.. and I think to myself I am glad it wasn’t on my knee LOL. Mike said that the spider would feel like a cat or a dog, and I didn’t believe him until I touched it!! wow IMG_8296IMG_8276IMG_8321

On Weston’s actual birthday my mom and dad came over and gave Weston his gift, it was a remote control dinosaur.. it was love at first sight … also underwear are the only mandatory clothing requirements according to Wes.IMG_8226IMG_8234

I made a simple birthday cake for Weston, that turned out better than I originally thought it would and he just loved it. He talks about the green cake often. He has the biggest sweet tooth.. cake, cookies, doughnuts, pudding you name it he loves it. At home he mostly plays with animals and dinosaurs, he is pretty obsessed with them. We typically buy them from Chapters or Michaels craft store, so thats what I ended up putting on the cake, which made it easy and fun, especially the fact that he got to keep them and play with them afterwards. A few sprinkles later, some party hats for the animals and some candles and it was the easiest cake I have ever made !!


My mom and dad brought back this crocodile shirt for Weston from Australia, and it’s his favourite right now! I love his smile, it brightens my whole world. A small part of me feels sad when my boys get older as they are growing so fast before my eyes, but mostly I am so proud of the little boy I am raising who started preschool early this year,  who talks up a storm, who makes me laugh everyday, who challenges me, makes me question my parenting, who gives the biggest smooches, who loves his little brother and recently wants to include him in so many more activities, who brings happy tears to my eyes, but  mostly he made me a Mama, and a very proud one. Happy Birthday my Cinco De Mayo boy, I love you so much, and can’t wait for this year ahead, exploring with you !!

love your mama xo

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