Sharing a bedroom with your baby

Well during my sleep deprived year I forgot to publish this post among with about one hundred others !! Its crazy now that Levi is 14 months old, these photos feel like yesterday yet at the same time such distant memory. We had a friend stay with us for a while and during that time we gave up the nursery to accommodate him, many of you reading this are probably like what? how? but lets be real for a second .. Levi was one of those nurse all night babies and I wasn’t on board to do any ” sleep training ” just yet.. so really he was in our room most nights. Both my boys loved their bassinet until about 4 months old anyways.. I couldn’t stomach the thought of moving them to their own rooms sooner than that. Here are some photos from when we shared our room with Levi, a big part of me really misses that time. Also here are a few tips to making it successful for you, your partner and of course baby.

Be organized : I think the real key to sharing a room with a baby is organization, having space for their things and your own and minimizing clutter. I tried to keep Levis stuff in one section of the room so it didn’t feel like we were sleeping in a nursery. We were lucky enough to have a large enough room to accommodate having us all in there… and lets face it weston would make his way in some nights too… thank goodness for our king sized bed!! I didn’t share our closet space I only used drawers and shelves for Levis things. In my night stand I kept some soothers, receiving blankets and some things that I used for those night time feeds. By having a spot for everything it helped with creating a calm space for everyone.

Chubby fingers and chubby toes are my favourite ! Also I love tho crib sheet, I believe I found it at winners, and it was a random brand I had never heard of before, its really soft, yet in the summer nice and cool. 

Somehow he always managed to get into our bed ! little stinker!

This adorable mobile is from pottery barn kids, both my kids loved it, and I think most babies would as the black and white contrast is so desirable. I also really enjoyed having the crib underneith the window, it was nice if I needed to get ready for the day or put away laundry, I would just open up the curtains and put him in his crib with a few toys or the mobile music on. Such a nice happy little spot, where I knew he was safe.

Well pretty much everything we own is from Ikea including this tall dresser it is great because it doesn’t take up a lot of space.. and its white.. and those who know me know I love white !!

A little perk about sharing a room with your baby is that you never miss those first, like when they stand up in their crib.. Levi was only 5 months old when he did this !! I woke up to him just starring at me, so cute !

Don’t make it all about baby: Making sure that your bedroom is great for both baby and yourself is the ultimate challenge of a shared room. I tried to keep things neutral and calm, using things that I really loved. Even when I styled the shelf I tried to keep it uncluttered and have things for both myself and baby. I also knew this would be temporary, so I didn’t want to do anything too big or drastic as we would be changing it and moving Levi back into his own bedroom. When sharing your space I think its very important to make sure it functions well for you and baby and also a room that you like being in. Waking up in a space you love makes those long sleepless nights and early mornings that much more enjoyable. Of course if I did have some more money… hmm there would have been some other things I would have done… isn’t that always the case tho!!?? hahaha Anyone live with a toddler and baby?? My bed would stay nice like this for a maximum of 30 seconds! I make the bed everyday and Doug would say I don’t even know why you do.. they just come in here and destroy it! That mom life hey??.. I guess Wes is right, it does make a pretty good hide and seek spot tho !

I am still trying to convince Doug that we need a few more pillows, who’s with me??

This little denim shirt he is wearing is from H&M kids, I believe it was from the girls section tho, Weston wore it too. Levi is so tiny that it has fit him from Feb to now and it still has some room.

I have rocked both my boys in this rocking chair, and my momma rocked me in it, and I hope one day I will get to rock my grand babies in it.  These Lamps were from Target, I miss when we had one near our home, so many great finds there at such a great price. Have a routine: I think having that set evening routine prior to bedtime is such a key thing in sharing a room and for a successful nights sleep. There were a lot of times that it didn’t go as smooth as we wanted and Levi was such a light sleeper that sometimes it was hard sharing the same space. But having him close and knowing that I could just peak on him at anytime was totally worth it! We also shared a room with Weston at this age and we did dinner, bath, books, bottle then bed and it worked great, he was also just an amazing sleeper, we were oh so lucky ! Levi was tricky to figure out. Part of our routine with both boys has always been our sleep machine. We have the cheapest con-air one from amazon… I think it was under $15.00 and it’s great! It even takes batteries so when we were camping recently in a tent we were able to use it and Levi went to sleep no problem. Both boys sleep to the rain setting. It has really helped us, especially when we travel, it;s consistent and kids seem to love and crave that, especially mine.

When Doug and I first got together he purchased this huge canvas from Ikea, and I have always loved it, We decided it was great as a head board, which definitely saved us some money instead of building one or buying one. It gives our room a real tranquil feeling, which I think is a great component to any bedroom. I wanted our bedroom to feel calm and warm and I think we did a pretty good job of accomplishing that. I am so happy that we put these warm oak floors throughout the house as well. They are engineered hardwood and pretty rustic. Many people warned us against hardwood because of the kids, dog, cat and all that wear and tear as a young family. I will say in the last few years we have put a few dents in them, but because they are so rustic it just looks like they are meant to be that way and not noticeable at all.. only to me the person who cleans them lol !

Something that worked great when we shared our room was having our large dresser as the change table, I also moved our mirror ( which of course was from Ikea ) from being vertical to horizontal which Levi enjoyed and was really great for some of those first year milestones! Most drawers had our belongings, and two dedicated just for Levi’s clothes , It worked great at that time.

Also here are a couple photos of Levis nursery from when he was a newborn and It is very similar to this set up now. These pics were taken by the talented Meg at oh love photography you should check her out ! There really is nothing like those sweet newborn cuddles, so happy we have photos like this to capture those first moments.


Hope you enjoyed our bedroom tour as a shared room!!

Have a great weekend !

xo Bre


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