Reifel Bird Sanctuary

Last week we went to the reifel bird sanctuary. It’s funny because we started out our day in the bog right near our house and it was a beautiful clear day, since those kinds of days feel far and few between Doug suggested we go for a little drive to see the birds. Sometimes it’s those spur of the moment ideas that are always the best! First sharing a few photos from the bog one of our happy places as a family, so many great memories there and more to make I’m sure! There is something about this photo below that I just love, I’m not sure if it is just how serious he looks or how striking he is, but if looks could kill….So lucky to call these littles mine. We felt a little silly that we haven’t been in so long, it’s really not a far drive and the kids had such a blast, it now has us itching to go back!! Anyone who spends even a few minutes with Weston would know that he has a huge love for animals and all living creatures. He is so curious about where they live, what they eat and any other interesting facts! The best part is that he is a little sponge and remembers all the fun little special details about each creature- I really admire and love that about him. Previous to this outing we have found Levi to be more shy and cautious around animals, but this time he was right in there with Weston loving every minute of it! He has come out of his shell so much and has such a fun personality and he’s so full of life.

So fun walking the trails with no shortage of ducks to follow us around. The boys thought that was just the best having them waddle behind us! I love that Levi can clearly say “duck” and “quack” his itty bitty voice is too sweet!!There is an awesome look out that you walk up to and at the top it has a pretty amazing view! Of course Levi only thought the 1000 steps going up were fun about this and he just wanted to go up and down, my pregnant self was not entirely thrilled -after the second time of doing this I made sure Doug took over I was nearly out of breath haha

I was much happier to hang out with Weston quietly waiting for birds to land on our hands. It really was magical. We had purchased bird seed upon arrival but we were unaware that these redwing black birds and small chickadees don’t like that food- they prefer sunflower seeds. Two very kind people offered to share some seeds with Weston. He had his pockets full of seeds, and by the look on his face I believe his heart was full too. He was so determined, patient and calm while feeding them. He was rather cold but didn’t care at all- he was really just one with nature !

Levi was having the biggest belly laughs when the chickadees would land on my hand and quickly fly away. His laugh and smile are such a joy and incredibly infectious ! I quickly snapped these on my iPhone, of course the good camera was out of reach, Weston’s face was just too priceless. He was in complete shock that they were landing on him. It also tickles a bit so it was making him laugh too. Just love that he had no fear and was eager to try. I would highly recommend taking your kiddos here, or maybe the grandparents in your life – the place was packed with seniors!! Lol !! We also saw lots of eagles, herons and other birds.. Weston was asking me all their names, I think we will need to bring a book with us next time. Also it was very affordable. For a family of four including a few bags of duck food it was $16 and a family membership for one year is only $50. We will definitely be going again and hopefully soon! Thanks for reading along !!

Happy Friday friends,

Much love,


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