Father’s Day 2018

Hope everyone had a nice Father’s Day weekend, especially all the awesome dads out there!

From a young age I have always thought about what my husband would be like & what kind of father he would be to our children. Maybe a big part of that is because I lost my dad at such a young age and I grew up seeing the relationships my close friends had with theirs. I remember my dad being the best player and so much fun, and I always wanted a father like that for my kids because it made me feel so special as a little girl. Sure enough my boys have the most devoted, caring and fun daddy, who really gets them and would do anything for them. His love for his little boys is so infectious and it’s one of my favourite things in this world!

Doug currently works afternoons and evenings and he spends all day with his kids he rarely sleeps in and then he goes to work for 10-12 hours, I don’t know how he does that.. but that’s just how big his love is for his children. His love for outings with the boys & wrestling and chasing them to their hearts content is admirable! I thought I would share some of my fav pictures of Doug & the boys from over the past few years! So many amazing memories and so many more to make!Weston was so exited when we went to see wild Kraft’s live – Doug mentioned after that seeing him that happy made his whole day perfect! adventuring together as a family had to be our fav thing!

Doug being a dad looks so good on you, I couldn’t ask for a better husband and Dad to our babies, thanks for always being so positive and supportive to our growing little family. I love that we have the same dream and I know not every day is a cake walk, but I love that we go to bed each night here together for our children and that makes you the most loyal and devoted dad. The boys and myself are incredibly lucky to have you. Thank you for always putting us first and working so hard for our family, we love you & Happy Father’s Day!!

Happy father day to all the amazing dads out there, working hard for their families, loving on their partner and children & supporting us in our dreams! I feel so thankful for all the wonderful men in my life who play big important roles in my boys lives, teaching them by example of how to be a great Man!

Much love,


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