blackberry picking in our own backyard

Every year at the end of summer we get to take advantage of the wild blackberries that grow just steps from our home here in Delta. The boys eagerly brought their buckets and were very excited to pick some berries. Some of my favourite most cherished days are when we leave our home on foot with no time restrictions or agendas and just enjoy nature and each others company. Being outside is my favourite teaching ground for the kids and we always come home feeling refreshed and in this case excited to wash our berries & bake a cake  IMG_3398IMG_3385

cohen has already changed so much, he is fuller, more alert and but still so cuddly, i hope he stays that way for a while. IMG_3396Weston chose to wear his ” adventure hat” he also picked out his Mickey Mouse shirt too. IMG_3405IMG_3403IMG_3383IMG_3392IMG_3418I have been meaning to post this blog for so long now, and I seriously can’t believe how much they have all changed in just a few short months!! IMG_3394IMG_3423IMG_3461The way Levi points at things is so cute! And Wes ” hey mom take a picture of me” maybe a glimpse of the years to come !IMG_3437IMG_3433IMG_3414IMG_3478Wes also decided to bring his fish net to catch water skeeters as he calls them- but we had more luck catching berries than creatures on this adventure ! IMG_3482IMG_3429we got lucky and got to see the train go by! A fav for the boys, especially our vehicle loving boy, Levi! IMG_3472IMG_3464IMG_3513IMG_3514

I’m so thankful that our boys love being outdoors and exploring nature. Weston was happy to help in he kitchen and I’m sad to say I don’t have any photos of the black berry cake we made, but it sure was yummy, until next time summer.. we miss you already!

thanks for following along our beautiful, fun, crazy messy little journey !

much love!

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