Baking, our love language

Is there anything sweeter than sharing an activity that you and your kids both enjoy !? My boys love helping in the kitchen! As soon as they could walk and or stand on a stool they have been allowed to help. I often cook holding a child or baby, so the kids have been exposed to this area of our home since day one ! Of course it can test your patients, and sometimes ( well lets be real.. every time ) it can add a lot more mess and it takes more time .. but the true reward is children who are happy and excited to try what they have made. We mostly have the boys help make smoothies, toast and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, But there is no doubt their most cherished things to make are cookies, pizza and pancakes ! Lol Weston could live off of treats if we allowed him to. He has the biggest sweet tooth ever ! Activities like this are definitely his fav! Thank goodness he also loves carrots and avocados, it’s all about balance right !?

Doug just returned from his stag yesterday and the boys had a busy weekend with me out and about. Everyone was feeling tired and a bit off from not being on our normal routine so we decided to stay in and have some good family time. I found this Dino cookie recipe thru Pinterest on The boys were so excited to have their dinosaurs “help” in the kitchen. They both love dinosaurs !! The recipe included a cute dinosaur video/tutorial on how to make the cookies- they were so pumped ! Unfortunately Weston spilled a little extra salt in and Levi kept throwing other objects into the bowl when I wasn’t looking- But aside from that it was really fun! When I’m baking with them I try to remind my self it’s about the process not the end result! Seeing them light up, so excited to try what they made is such a gift, and spending quality one on one time with my boys fills all of our buckets . Even 10-20 minutes of undivided attention can make a world of difference to them. They are so good now at taking turns with cooking and baking and the bonus is they even like helping with clean up too. It has taken quite a bit of practice and patience to get to this point, but all those messy times are worth it in my books !!love these dudes so much ! The best part had to be stomping the Dino’s feet into the dough to make the footprints, they really did look like Dino fossils! Such a fun little idea for kids who adore dinosaurs ! I’m sure they will be asking to make them again when we have no more left ! messy mom hair, no make up, tee-shirt and jeans is how I roll around here most days, we are smiling so that’s all that matters ! This was his “hey look mom I rolled it into a ball, take my picture ” face – Haha Weston was also very excited to wear his apron that he made himself ! And Levi was also very excited about his dinosaur apron mostly because it had pockets to hold his racecars!

as most of you know we have sold our home and will be starting a new adventure in search or a new home. We will always cherish the memories that we have had in this home. So grateful for our time we have spent here! Thanks for following along !

Xo Bre

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