Coco turns ONE !

It’s so hard to believe that a year has gone by and that we celebrated our sweet heart Cohen ( not sure he knows that’s his name because we pretty much only call him Coco) We had a travel day on his actual birthday so we went for pizza and games at a place called wild river pizza here in Brookings, Oregon! Afterwards we came back to our site for cupcakes. I am so proud of the little man Cohen is becoming. His sweet smile and curiosity is so infectious. Sharing just a few photos from his special day! It was so weird not celebrating with family and having a big party, and tho we miss family right now while we are traveling it was also nice to have a calm quiet celebration for our little guy! We also got to celebrate with my in-laws about 5 days before Cohen’s birthday while we were in Grants pass Oregon, and Weston and Levi helped make a watermelon cake (which actually turned out awesome !) it was kind of chaotic while singing so I don’t have many pictures from then to share ! that first bite !! Weston’s new thing is doing thumbs up in photos, I love it ! Cohen got attached my mosquitos a few weeks back and it poor face is still healing, still cute as ever tho ! He was so pleased with him self and he almost ate his whole cupcake ! Happy birthday little man, couldn’t imagine our life feeling complete without you! Keep on smiling buddy !

Hope my fellow readers are well and healthy,

Xo Bre

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