Cannon beach part one

Hi! I hope this finds all my readers well! We have made our way down and back up the beautiful Oregon coast and I wanted to share a bunch of our travels. We Navigated our way thru beautiful scenic drives and rustic family friendly campgrounds. Our only regret so far is that we never want to leave where we are, even though the next stop is truly just as great. Every place giving us more space to get in touch with nature and to live life more simply and intentionally. Cannon Beach has been on my bucket list for years. I have dreamed of having a fire on the beach and walking around barefoot on the white Sands. It’s even more picturesque than I thought. Seeing it for the first time was very breath taking but that’s not all they have to offer. The town is also wonderful, cozy and very well maintained. There is shopping for everyone’s age and lots of treats as well! The RV resort we stayed at was conveniently located just a short 2 minute bike ride into town. Even with the weather not being on our side, biking into town was still easy and fun! One of the days after biking into town and playing on the beach we stopped at the Pelican Brewing Company for some lunch. They had a great kids menu and service – we all left full and happy ! I purchased a three wheeler bike in Portland which I have been enjoying as I can confidently ride with a child or dog, also the basket is huge so I can easily pick up groceries or transport laundry !running from the waves !! Ahhhh I think Levi’s smile says it all – his bucket was so full and lots of belly laughs were had at this beach ! Our first time at the beach the boys immediately took to running on the sand, searching for crabs and shells. There isn’t any tidal pools filled with tones of wildlife however the endless room to roam and the sand hills and tall grass left these guys feeling so refreshed! We only stayed 5 nights in cannon beach, and we unfortunately didn’t have a fire on the beach because if I am being honest 3 kids around a fire ages 5 and under is really stressful, and not enjoyable! So one of the evenings we bundled the kids up in the double stroller with blankets and we brought a few drinks and walked the strip and played on the beach. We also grabbed a take out pizza which the boys devoured, Weston said it was the best night ever!! It’s amazing looking back at these photos. Cohen was still only crawling and furniture walking but now just 5 months later he is trying to ride bikes and jump. Wow time sure is a thief ! Cannon Beach will definitely hold a special place in our hearts, it’s where we kicked off our big adventure and we can’t wait to go back again!! Next time with our surf boards!First of many sand castles this summer

like I mentioned we never had a beach fire but we did of course roast some marshmallows at our site ! Thanks for following along, lots of love !

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