October & Halloween 2020

Hello! I hope this finds my readers well ! A full moon & fall back – sure makes for a spooky Hallo-covid-ween ! I was unsure like most parents if Halloween would feel special and ‘normal’ this year considering what the last 7 months have been like. We were pleasantly surprised and I’ll quote Weston himself “this was the best Halloween ever” as soon as Fall hit the Halloween decorations came out and we slowly started adding to our collection. It sure is a fun one to celebrate with the kids. We did our Halloween calendar counting down the days, most of the time I had a craft activity instead of a treat, we also did Halloween bingo, boo-ling, pumpkin carving, witches brew and lots more. But the icing on the cake was the kids Halloween party with Weston’s homeschool friends. Since we are all in the same school bubble we felt it was safe to get the kids together and it couldn’t have been nicer weather and more perfect of a day!! Having the kids running around in their costumes sure made for a really fun afternoon !!

Be still my heart !
Ash Ketchum from Pokemon complete with his pikachu ! He was so proud of his costume !
The boys loved playing in the Witches kitchen that I set up. This was a fun and easy way to make the ordinary kitchen more fun. I put snakes, spiders, eyeballs, cob webs and I filled little jars with other fun and creepy things too!
The boys loved carving pumpkins so much that we did it twice ! Lol
This was the first year Weston really got into carving his pumpkin by himself he was so detailed and proud of his work.. still no luck touching the pumpkin guts tho! Lol
This guy was all in!!
And of course it wouldn’t be a holiday in our house without making sugar cookies, the boys were the most helpful yet this year, of course lots of mess and some deep breaths for me!
I found these icing pens so the boys could draw faces on their cookies ! This is levis cookie, it was a hit!
Weston’s complete with “boo” 🙂
Our neighbours decorations had lots of love from these boys!
Halloween has inspired lots of dress up in our house !!
We made these cute bats with Weston’s homeschool group! They turned out great!
One October morning we had spooky pancakes, which turned out more cute than scary !
My happy little trick or treaters !! They had such a good time! Levi and cohen basically ate their candy as they went lol! Weston waited until we got home to take a look at his loot! Such a fun evening!
Hope our friends and family who we miss very much had a great Halloween this year !

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